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Rachel Brinck is an Uprising Youtube Singer/Song Writer. She was born July 16th 1995 and has been singing since she was a little girl. She is an amazing Singer! A soon to be star! Many say she is the girl version of Justin Bieber. They also say she sounds like Colbie Caillat and her writing styles are like Taylor Swift. She currently has 3 Songs on iTunes and has thousands of Twitter, Youtube, and facebook Fans. She is the next big thing.
Rachel Brinck is the next big thing in music.
by musicalloveyoyoyo July 26, 2011
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an amazing 15 year old singer starting off on youtube! With an amazing voice and great potential! A soon to be star! and a big one too!
Rachel Brinck is going to be a big singer some day, she will be famous. singer amazing sing music artist potential soon to be star
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