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A professional dickteaser with an incredible ability to seduce people in doing whatever she wants. Using her outstanding beauty she strips men of their dignity by making them drive up three hours and receive nothing in exchange - no compliments, no thank yous, no hand holding and EVEN not one titty! Not even one titty! She will make any men buckle to her demands. Warriors will throw down their swords and surrender themselves to the "Princess" 's every command.

The princess can be found in her natural habit, preying for unsuspecting guys every moment of the day. She has a tendency of whipping her hair around and flickering her eyes to seduce whoever she wants. She is rumored to tease five guys in one night.

Be wary by friends. She is a MANEATTER .... times two. Remember: you won't even get one TITTY. Not even one. You'll be lucky to have her respond to your text message, let alone hold your hand.
What a Rachel Princess Patel! He drove up three hours to visit her - hoping for something. Maybe a quick peek. But she didn't submit. She didn't hold his hand. Didn't kiss him and of course didn't show him even one titty. After all, seeing one titty, is like seeing both right?
by Failed Warrior January 23, 2011
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