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Race Play is an avant-garde form of role play used by 2 consenting adults that incorporates Racist, hurtful, & derogatory terms and comments regarding the others race, to fulfill and reach sexual pleasure.

**** although this is very controversial, MOST participating in RacePlay keep things strictly sexual and do not support or advocate for racial inequities. *****
friend 1: “Hey, you into RacePlay?
friend 2: “Sure as long as you are comfortable!

Black: “I want that white cock!
White: “You bet N*gger, worship my white superior cock”


White: “F*ck me hard, N*gger”
Black: “Fuck yes, you white piece of shit! take this N*GGER cock!”
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by fxgboy August 22, 2018
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by Chris M July 07, 2004
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Sexual role play between black and white men in which all political correctness (especially verbal) is abandoned in favor of sexual pleasure and fullfillment.

Racist Chic
Q: "You into race play?"
A: "Yeah, absolutely, love it?"
by jamaica55 July 18, 2009
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