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1. A statement that isn't quite offensive enough to be racist (including "positive stereotypes"), yet not something one should say in polite company.
This may include "positive stereotypes" as well as statements genuine cultural tendencies rather than outright stereotypes.
Kevin: Chang bro you're Asian that's not fair of course you're going to ace that test!

Chang: That's race-ish brah
by TheIratePirate89 July 18, 2013
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adj. Referring to race, and arguably racist, but with a nuance that allows for some wiggle room if you have a good law team and a semanticist on your payroll.

What did you think of that racist tweet? Impeachment time?

No no. That was more raceish than racist. White guys always talk like that.

by gnostic3 July 19, 2019
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