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The term ‘Rabbit Roaster’ is a pejorative & derrogatory remark for an obsessive, conniving & dangerous individual compelled to exceed the capabilities and exploits of their predecessor - the ‘Bunny Boiler’ (a problematic person in their own right)…

This fixated, disturbed person often acts irrationally in their pursuit of a prospective or former partner without thought for consequence or reality.

The usual characteristics of a ‘Bunny Boiler’ are compounded by psychotic & volatile tendances to cause pain, loss or anguish to their target often preventing this individual from being able to function normally without the satisfaction of achieving this goal. Thus prompting the matured term ‘Rabbit Roaster’
She was a real 'Rabbit Roaster' she took my money, burnt down my home and had me arrested for fabricated offences!
by ElusiveLeader July 24, 2008
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