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A guy who is really amazing, and knows how to make a girl smile no matter what. He has a great personality, and is really funny. Hes hot, sexy, nice,tall,caring, and for some reason loves wearing hats. He has a great sense of style, and pretty much can rock anything. Loves to dance, and definitely can impress everyone with his moves. He basically is the best, and no other guy can really compare to how great he is.

oh and its a type of sex position where you really don't know whats going on, its crazy
Girl 1: Did you meet that kid over there?
Girl 2: No why?
Girl 1: He must of been a raagy, he was so sweet!

John: I think maria tried a raagy last night
Paul: Why do you say that?
John: I was so confused, but it was crazy
by onlyyyy yourssssssssssssssssss November 07, 2011
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