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To Ra'ad on someone or something, is to cheat on that person or thing.
You can Ra'ad on a Girl, but you cant Ra'ad on the Gym.

Girl: I hate guys who Ra'ad on girls..
Other girl: I agree with you sister! Ra'ading is disgusting, I could never forgive a guy if he Ra'aded on me!

Guy: hey mate, hows it going?
Guy number 2: Yeh not to bad, iv been seeing this girl for a while, but I Ra'aded on her last night with a solid 8/10!
Guy: Well done on getting yourself some sausage pocket, but Ra'ading on your girl just aint cool bro!
Guy number 2: Nah its cool Brah, as long as you don't get caught Ra'ading, who's gonna know!

"Tommy got a detention for Ra'ading in his exam"
Tommy said afterwards "Fuck sake"
by AJ99 May 23, 2013
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