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Acronym for "Reset Tool, Slap Operator." Used when signing a manufacturing tool back up for production by very aggravated process engineers who have to go to the farthest reaches of the factory simply to push the resume button on a tool because the operator of the tool was totally clueless.
Equipment Monitoring System entries:

1. C. Operator: Tool in ZZZ-bay is not running. Don't know why.

2. Process E.: RTSO. Grrr...

Written instead of:
2. Process E.: Walked all the way across this three mile long manufacturing complex to the farthest processing bay that there is to find the tool sitting idle just waiting for the START PROCESS buttom to be pushed. Pushed button. Tool started. Really really really really really wanted to slap the shit out of the operator, but prefer not to go to HR. Grrr...
by frnkly July 10, 2008
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