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(Pronunciation: ROW-“V”-“O”) Referring to a single (or small group of) individuals (usually found on “Political” or “General News” Internet Discussion sites that attempt to OVER-RUN or OVER-FLOW the online discussion / debate forum with repetitive “Copy-Pasted” pro-BUSH *or* pro-REPUBLICAN *or* pro-New-Conservative (pro-Neo-Con) partisan propaganda. (AKA: “SWIFT-Goats” *or* “Neo-Tards”) ; Named / Coined in honor of “Karl Rove” of Bush Administration fame for his “Questionable” political strategy & exploits while working as counsel to “President George W. Bush”. “Karl Rove” was often times referred to as “Bush’s Brain” based upon a book by the same name.
The 27%'ers that still support the Bush Administration are just a bunch of ROVE-e-o Queens.

That Discussion Board Swift-Goat Poster-child is just another ROVE-e-o Queen.

Leave it to a ROVE-e-o Queen to support and alibi for politicians caught red-handed in sex stings & corruption scandals.

ROVE-e-o Queens are usually the same ones that are out there on the one hand promoting the Minuteman Project while on the other hand supporting GWB "Guest Workers" program.

ROVE-e-o Queens seem to be some very con-fused folks that need their "Political Programmers to tell them what to think.
by Tyson D. Knine October 06, 2007
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