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A conspiracy theory involving high-up government officials and the potential destruction of mankind. Derived from jay and silent bob strike back.
Holy hell, is that monkey waving at us? Oh shit. It understood us. Maybe it's some kind of super monkey. What if there's more supermonkeys up at that lab? WHAT IF THEY'RE CREATING AN ARMY OF THEM? Holy shit. It must be a conspiracy like in the X-Files... ROSWELL style. This little monkey could be the fuckin' damn dirty ape responsible for the fall of the human race. In this world gone mad, we won't spank the monkey- the monkey will spank us. And after the fall of man, these monkey fucks'll start wearing our clothes and rebuilding the world in their image. OH and only those as super smart as me will be left alive to bitterly cry - DAMN YOUS. Goddamn yous all to hell.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 25, 2004
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Roswell Style, as in Jay and Silent Bob-means cool, out there, crazy shit.
The monkey from the movie is a supermnonkey. He might take over the fuckin world- Roswell Style
by Redman May 27, 2003
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