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Rofl tov pronounced (raw-full-tah-v) is a combination of the common acronym ROFL and the hebrew phrase of congratulations Mozel tov. It may be used when confronted with a joke or humorous situation that merits the rolling of a person on the floor whilst laughing vigorously!!! Rofl tov is used to congratulate the teller of said joke or facilitator of said situation for being SOO GOSH DARN FUNNY!!!!

use as directed:
-whilst toasting with an alcoholic beverage
-accompany with a fist pump!!!
-Pronounce ROFL TOV with authority

(we don't half ass this $H13T)
<HANS BROLLO> MAn! when luke found out he kissed his own sister, hey was all like DAAAAMN SON!!!!

<BRODA> A path to the Dark Side, that is. Restraining order in young Skywalker's future, I foresee!

<HANS BROLLO> ROFL TOV!!! BRODA, you soo gosh darn dyslexic..... errrmm i mean funny! right... Funny!
by NATE "PEG-CITY" D1ZZL3 August 28, 2010
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