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ROBLOX™ Anthro is short for Anthropomorphic, a word most people would appreciate if it wasn't involved in something so unholy. ROBLOX™ Anthro is one of those things that expands your depression list. Anthro was announced on RDC some time during 2017. Anthro breaks away from ROBLOX's ™ Traditional blocky character formation style, instead Anthro chooses creepy adult-like forms. These characters have also been reported for featuring explicit content, such as breasts. Anthro also features more character joints than R6 and R15, therefore the ROBLOX™ Developers have added animations to fit in with the new look, keep in mind it is a fucking hideous look, but a look overall. However, most of the animations are glitchy therefore rendering incompatible with most games, thank fucking god.

Anthro has been receiving large amounts of hate, many claims suggest that adding a more realistic avatar is sending ROBLOX into the Pedophilic Valley. Also, many players have been complaining that it is extremely fucking retarded to add a human-like package to a game called "ROBLOX" because it is designed to be a blocky game. Players also complain about items not being compatible in certain ways, such as, a hat that goes right through your face, or hair that penetrates your forehead. The developers themselves aren't fan of Anthro either, constantly joking about how idiotic of an addition it will be.
A normal conversation about Anthro

Player: It's been a while since I've played ROBLOX, let's see how much it has developed.

notices multiple friends ranting about Anthropomorphic Proportions Absolute fuckin shit

Player: "Why the hell did I even think about rejoining this depressing game? ROBLOX used to be so fun, but now the developers decided to add breasts to their character models, so disappointing."

leaves to prevent any further suffering

.: Studied by multiple human behavior artists :.

.: Anthro is an Nontraditional, Creepy, Over-realistic, disgusting excuse for a good edition to ROBLOX . ROBLOX wasn't meant to include Breasts. ROBLOX Anthropomorphic Preportions is one of those moments that makes you want to die :.
by Zythoxi January 18, 2018
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