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Acronym for "Rolly Moment of Love," RMOLs are documented instances of affectionate exchange experienced between Rolly, usually in a public setting.

Researchers and local folklorists have been documented RMOLs since about 2005, when these Moments of Love began to be noticed by several different groups of observers with increasing frequency.

Due to RMOL reporting taking place mostly over the internet, there is dispute over the proper pronunciation of "RMOL." The researchers who coined the term pronounced it "R-MOL" but different groups have pronounced it "Rommel" and "Rahmawl" and all of these pronunciations are equally accepted in the scientific community.

As of this date, the significance and scientific value of the RMOL is still in dispute.
"You wouldn't believe the massive RMOL I witnessed last night! It involved the word 'sassy'!"
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