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1) A school in New York which steals your money and uses the money they stole from you to formulate new ways in which to steal more of your money.
2) A school in which none of the men leave their rooms due to playing WOW and beating off, yet complain constantly about the lack of attractive, single women on campus.
3) A giant wind tunnel which will quite literally sweep you off your feet or leave burns on your face in the winter time.
4) A place in which sleep does not exist.
5) A place in which people literally string themselves out on caffeine, sleep deprivation, and stress to the utter breaking point, at which time they are informed that there was no need for stress at all or that they failed in their attempts any way.
6) A college where learning doesn't matter.
Man, that's RITarded...
Sleep? What's sleep? This is RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), there is no sleep.
by aurorarit2882 May 02, 2010
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