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A rugged good looking man 20-40, who is an attractant for cougars and used for cougar bait. He can often be found in an outdoor environment primarily in cougar hunting territory. To distinguish him from many other hunters, a "red-neck" boytoy typically wears a ball cap, steal toed boots, short cropped hair with only a tanned neck and arms (farmer tans) and always with a five-o-clock shadow. The most distinguished feature is a "beaver-pelt" wrapped around his "red-neck". The prime features of a "red-neck" boytoy are; he is an experienced outdoorsman who can efficiently use his pistol and is quick to reload. He will hunt alone and always get his cougar. The most experienced "red-neck" boytoy will always have several cougars (with the occasional sighting of a panther or puma) in his hunting range as he is experienced in the art of pleasure, and leaving his prey wanting more......
I was out hiking with my GF and we ran into a red-neck boytoy while he was out looking for a new beaver pelt, we were very frightened at first. however the experience was unimaginable and we did not have to wax for our night out on the town
by red-neck boytoy July 03, 2010
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