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Acronym for Return On Relationship Analysis. An evaluation of give-and-take in a relationship from an analytical perspective. Do you get more than we receive? Or do they take more than we give?
I just ran an R.O.R. Analysis in my head about this Layla I've been dating. And it just doesn't add up? I lick her lady parts like a popsicle on a hot summer day, buy dinner all the time, rub her back, say nice shit to her.

And fuck, I NEVA get my dick sucked, get little gifts, dinners, lunch or even a get taken to a stinkin' movie!

I think I'm gonna have to call it and dump her the R.O.R. says "You're an idiot if you stay with her."

slefish fellatio blowjob selfish no-blow taker giver generous
by The Fig September 06, 2016
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