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Turmoil that happens in real life;

Drama that is so intense and obsurd it seems to be fictional, but is actually Real Life Shit that happens on a daily basis. Almost like living a Tyler Perry Movie, or something else that may seem like it could only happen in movies or on television. (Soap Opera type shit)
Jena' - Did you hear about Tony getting caught sleeping with his fiance's sister AND they momma??

Tonya - Ooooh. His fiance is crazy as hell. I think she's gonna lorena bobbitt his ass. She probably gonna try and do something to them too.

Jena'- Shittin Me!!! She might just merc his dumb ass. Either way..... there's some R.L.S. (Real Life Shit) about to go down on that block.
by "H.I.M." October 04, 2009
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