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Random Ball Pain. Experienced sporadically and without warning. Consisting of a sharp or dull pain in the testicles.
Man! I got R.B.P. today.
by Erik Aguilar January 28, 2004
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really big penis syndrome

having a really, really, really, REALLY big penis
Person 1: Do you have RBPS?

Person 2: No mine's only 11 inches.

Person 3: Dude that is really, really, really, REALLY big!

Person 1: Nah, you're just saying that because yours is small.
by Rihanyce September 25, 2010
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RBP, stands for really big poo.

when somebody uses the toilet and their poo is bigger than they thought, it is then classes as an RBP.
"Hey Johnny sorry i couldnt come to the phone earlier, i was having an RBP."

"wow, that poo i just had was an RBP!"
by Bigupsidedowndaz April 15, 2010
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RBP stands for Random Button Pusher

An RBP is a person who has no clue how to play a fighting game. So they push as many buttons as they can trying to beat the person who knows how to play,Often resulting in arguments.
Damn it Ceasar learn how to play the game and stop RBPing
by Kryos2010 May 17, 2011
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Read Before Posting. Stupid people post things in forums thinking their BA, when really they were owned 20 posts ago.
"I saw that video the other day. I can't believe he actually raped the dog."
"Actually I heard it was just a stuffed animal. It kind of makes sense after his eye falls off"
"Oh yeah you're right. It's not as funny anymore"
"LEIK oMGz TaHt is SOOOOOOOO wRongzors!!1 Im calINg Peta! All oF U sH0u1d DYEEE 4 THNKS funy!"
"n00b, rbp dick."


"What's his stats?"
"Intel 56"
"56 intel"
"Like Intel? 56"
"Like anyone's going to know that."
"I think his Intel is 56"
"Okay, I effing got it. Jeez, rbp"
by LlamaxNinja July 23, 2008
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i havent got layed in a while so i went to pay for a blow but then i was RBP'd
by lil2deadly May 28, 2009
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Acronym for "Reverse Burger Pressure." RBP is the small amount of force you apply while biting a burger to keep the condiments from falling out. Usually this is gained by squeezing the side of the burger opposite of your mouth when biting the burger.
His tomatoes fell out of his double Whopper due to a lack of RBP.
by noob622 March 19, 2013
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