Abbreviation for "Rocket Propelled Exploding Babies"

Often used as anti-personnel, and light anti-tank weapons.

These are genetically modified fetuses collected from abortion clinics and hospitals who's skin is hardened by means of altering the the molecular structure of the water found on a cellular level, and changing it into a synthetic poly-resin which has tensile strength proportionatly equal to that of steel.

Muscular tissue is liquified and transplanted into an nano-molecular reconstruction chamber in which the atoms are rearranged to very closely resemble those of Semtex.

An impact detonator is added to the top of the head and injections liquify the bones into a catalyst which increase the explosion's power by about 60%.

R-PeB's are fired through R-PeB launchers designed by Sporkman Industries (not to be confused with Spoonman) and are far more cost effective than the average anti-tank missle or rocket-propelled grenade.
Holy shit! Look as that baby fly! Literally!
by Tenkin January 31, 2004