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Short court for Rosmarie, an eldritch swiss name. Describes a woman who’s made up to her own expectations. She’s smart, beautiful, loveable, stuck up, rude, mean, trustworthy, caring, all together at all times. You’ll never find somebody as loyal as her. She’s the heart and soul of every party. She likes keeping her personal life as a secret. Rösli’s hold all her feelings inside and trust very few people with her real feelings. She will always have a smile on her face, even though nothing seems right, and will do anything to put one on yours at any price. She falls quickly in love yet is afraid of commitment. A hopeless romantic. Beautiful inside and out. She gets along with everybody. A great white-liar. She is an object of desire, lust, and adoration by all men (and even some women),and that of envy, jealousy by most women. She is very sociable, you’ll never be alone or bored with a Rösli in the room. Rösli’s follow their every single instinct so she might do reckless stuff but which makes her an even better companion. She's among the most forgiving people on earth. She is a great kisser and legends say that they’re amazing in bed. Just like the meaning of her named, rose of the sea, she loves being in water. Rösli's have a nomadic soul, they love exploring, visiting and living in new places. If you find one, don't let her go!
Example 1:
-I went yesterday to a party where I didn't know anybody and this girl Rösli came up to me and helped me fit in.
-That was so sweet of her!

Example 2:
-I went swimming yesterday and I ran into this pretty, funny girl.
-Let me guess, she's named Rösli.
-How did you know?
-Everybody knows her.
by mac_pacheco October 27, 2013
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