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R/cringe is a subreddit where users post pictures that are cringe worthy. Most of these consist of pictures from r/atheism and their popular unintentionally hilarious "faces of atheism" campaign where atheists take pictures of their (very often) ugly faces with a caption about why they're atheist (often hilarious as they are rather pretentious about themselves). Unfortunately, like with all of Reddit and most of the interwebs nowadays, Reddit is also overrun with hypocritical politically correct mindless zombies where woman-shaming is tolerated but anything mocking a homosexual is suddenly "homophobia" even when much of the behavior of a flamboyant homosexual is cringe-worthy to any straight person. Unfortunately the world is now overrun with these sods who are filled with propaganda or who are either closet gays themselves.
R/cringe is popular with people who are cringe-worthy in real life. After all not many decent people actually really use Reddit for such long periods of time.
by Skialian January 05, 2014
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