she's gorgeous, loves to be loved, one of the most athletic girls you will ever meet. Hilarious and full of joy, she enjoys to be surrounded by her friends and genuinely cares about the people she loves, but don't cross her because she mentally crazy, her favorite word to use is, BITCH. She makes a great girlfriend and has a smile that lights up the room. WARNING: TERRITORIAL ASF.
oooooouuu..... R'mani ;)
by chaotic love March 10, 2018
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R'mani is a girl who is good during class and may get awards from pretty often and is an intelligent young woman. She is known for being nice but also very sassy and has an attitude at times. She is also an attractive young woman with slim waist, wide hips, a FAT CURVY ASS that just pokes out so much and THICC THIGHS. She is possibly one of the baddest girls in the school and also funnest to be around. She wears glasses but doesn't even need them but loves them. She has such a pretty face and is beautiful in general. She is nice to everyone but can be seriously scary if you are rude to her.
Me: R'mani, you are so pretty girl.

R'mani: Thank you so much!

Me:I can't believe you got like 5 awards this week, I'm so happy for you!
R'mani: I know I can't believe it either!
by Somu tosse November 7, 2023
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