R'lyeh, or known as the sunken city, is a ROBLOX roleplaying game made with Lovecraftian ideas, involving the "Quest for power" in which one can meditate until they become enlightened, start becoming possesed to ascend to greater heights, or read until you know every topic. Eventually, you'll be able to unlock spells in battle.

The game currently consists of two main "Factions" which both fight for their own gods against eachother. The Order fights against The Brotherhood in the name of C'thulhu and The Brotherhood in the name of Nylarathotep against the Order.

Then there are the raiders who are just wayfarers with an affinity for blood and are allowed to fight. Wayfarers can be seen as "Guests" who do nothing else than play chess, try to bug the Order or The Brotherhood and just socialize.

When it comes down to combat, it's depends on who you fight against, can be good, can also be really really bad.

There's a few other things aswell, but these really only add on, on what was written.
Person 1: Dude, shall we play R'lyeh the sunken city on ROBLOX?
Person 2: Nah, sorry, I'm really bad at combat.
by Thinkworks July 17, 2022
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