The sexual act of tying your partner onto the bed, head bound to the headboard, mouth open wide.

you then take a jar, filled to the brim with semen and piss, you shake it up until mixed completely, then you fill a

(preferably large, rifle type) water gun with the liquid (use a funnel) then, with your partner bound to the bed, try to get as many shots down the throat and in the mouth as you can.

1: the bound partner must swallow every shot that made it into the mouth.
2: the shooter must be at the foot of the bed.
3: the bound partner must not move a muscle.
4: you can not cheat your way through with a pump water gun.
Oh my god Johnny, me and suzanne played R Kelly Sharpshooter last night, I made every shot!!!
by ranchdong September 11, 2017
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