An R-Beata or just an "R" is a slut, hoe, smut, etc. Used commonly among young urban youths in Brooklyn, New York. Densely used in the Flatbush area, but all over brooklyn in general.

R-Beata's are usually Aced, Dueced, Treyced, and boxed by a group of young teens. Also known as running a train. Any female that gives head, ass, or any sexual favors on a regular basis is considered an R-Beata. If a girl wont talk or let you holla at her, she is also an R-Beata because shes not a smut, slut, hoe, etc, for the simple fact that shes not worth wifey status, but she acts like she doesnt want to get hammered.

Come from the word R-Beat-Her, as in I'll Beat Her.
That bitch is an R Beata.
Ayo go bag that R right there.
Isnt that the R-Beata we ran a train on at E's crib?
Yo cuhz, duece me on that R.
by dboi~ February 7, 2008
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