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1.the outer layer of a cheese and bacon croissant

2.any flab on the stomach area, aka: qwasant food group; the rest of the food groups are in the hands and feet

3.the most awesomesst food group out of the 6 food groups

4.the word that Darell says in the "Can i have yo numba?" video to be racist against a french girl he thinks is rediculus named Evon!!!
1.Hurry we have to make the qwasant!!!

2.Chloe-"Qwasant!!!" *points to stomach area*

3.You have to get your daily amount of the qwasant food group.

4.Darell-"Uh! Evon! That's a french a** name right there! Uh! Cheese and qwackus! Qwasant! A little cheese on my qwasant!"
by Ridikulus April 05, 2009
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