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A person/group of people who enjoy deep thought, inspirational quotes, and independence from society's dull, constricting and crushing ideals. Normally found pondering to self, reflecting on life or listening to music while doing any of the aforementioned.

Usually, these people are very intelligent and tend to be ace students. Please note that of you see one of these people, approach with caution and a good sense of humor. The Quotaeo does not like to be disturbed in it's natural habitat, deep thought.

Typically, Quotaeos will have a dry or sarcastic sense of humor,although some have a happy go lucky attitude towards life. They are excellent and devoted friends, once you get to know and understand their style. They would make decent leaders, but people rarely recognize them.

A few cons about the Quotaeo:

- The Quotaeo tends to brood and sometimes does not share it's true feelings
- The Quotaeo can become somewhat depressed, and will be sad some of the time.
-When the Quotaeo DOES share a very strong emotion, the reaction will be extremely strong. Take anger for example: If, in the rare event the Quotaeo gets very angry, the result will be a large outburst of emotion and/or flailing fists of wrath.
- The Quotaeo HATES cliques and popularity with a burning passion.

Overall, the Quotaeo would make a great friend, an ideal lover, and an all around great person to hang around.
You must not disturb that Quotaeo, s/he is deep in thought.
by SilverLine February 07, 2011
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