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n. The juices, sauces, etc., that drip down one’s face while eating a toasty sandwich from Quizno’s.
Victor: Dude, what’s that dripping down your face?
Danny: That’s Quiz Jizz.
Victor: Man, that is so wrong.
Both: But so right.
by VictoBenko March 15, 2011
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Where you jizz during a quiz because it's just too much to handle.
Jimmy quiz jizzed himself because he couldn't think of the answer.
by fivetweezy September 18, 2010
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(v) what you end up writing on your paper because the hot chick in front of you has her thong showing and you just can't concentrate and all you write on your test is useless answers.
im pretty sure all i wrote was quiz jizz. fuckin amanda and her purple g-string.
by jack the fart ripper May 12, 2010
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