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As unique as her name, she is unlike any other girl you've ever met. She is a charming, youthful girl who has a fun-loving, adventurous spirit and a fiery personality. She has an incredibly playful and childlike nature and enjoys her freedom. At the same time, she is energetic, bold, assertive, and at times a little brazen. She has only one weakness: love. Underneath her strong independent exterior, she is a hopless romantic who is a sucker for her partner and completely unravels and melts to the ground in his presence. She is fiercely loyal and devoted. Even if the relationship falls apart, she will try every angle she can think of to salvage the dead romance and may hold on for many months before letting go. She rarely holds grudges or seeks revenge and is quick to forgive. She has a big heart and desires someone who can reciprocate her fiery passion, without getting burned.
"You're dating Quintina?! Wow, you're so lucky. She's wild. I hope you can handle her, you're in for one hell of a whirlwind romance!"
by Briseis February 02, 2010
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