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A five pointed star. Derived from Quin (5) and Stella (star). A very compassionate person who at times can be too giving. She is level headed and very annalytical and tries to be optimistic when possible. She is caring and kind and has a love for travel and family. Though she will love you like no other, you don't want to cross her. If she's with you then she's loyal. She will give you many chances but when she's finally done she really is finished. Quintella can be the best person you know and will definitely bring out the best in you and try to help you grow. She can be pushy but there are no ill intentions behind it. Typically, she's a good woman who is very intelligent and deserves to be treated well. What you give to her you will get back 20 fold. Just don't cross her or those she cares about.
This is Quinstella
by StellaP May 23, 2018
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