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Quinn Last is a very top notch insult to any annoying person. A Quinn Last can also be called a Quinn. A Quinn/Quinn Last is very short and typically considered a midget. A Quinn is also very bad at wresting. Quinns have a wrestling rival typically called Michael Jones/Michael Ruby. Their rival is better than them hence why a Quinn is called Quinn LAST and a Michael Ruby is called Michael RUBY. A Quinn is also generally hated on because of the really cringy youtube channel they own which is co owned by a Muhib. The first ever Quinn Last was found in a place near a school called Heart Lake Secondary school. A Quinn is also generally homosexual and have no friends. They can also not handle a joke which is why no one likes Quinns. Do not mistake this word for the name Quinn as it could be offensive.
ms. Blackshaw: "You have failed your exam Mazin, you will have to stay back a grade."
Mazin: "F you ms. Blackshaw! You are a shitty teacher, I got the exam right because I studied for 69 hours straight!"
Ms. Blackshaw: "Step outside the class Mazin."
Mazin: "Your a shit teacher and I hope you know that you are a Quinn Last just like Mr. Osei Akoto!"
by XxWaheb42069xX August 08, 2018
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