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A Quiniva is someone that is eccentric to the extreme. A Quiniva is loud and impossible to miss, even in a large crowd. Quinivas are loyal, great listeners, hilarious and passionate. They make amazing best friends. They will stand by you through whatever hardships you endure. Quinivas dress to their own code, and often come to school looking ready to model for Teen Vogue. Quinivas are easily irritable and quick to tell you how they feel. They are often misunderstood, and considered bitchy, when in fact they are loving individuals. They are experts are sarcasm, and have seen mostly every movie known to man. Quinivas strive to maintain their uniqueness and character in a world full of conformity, and they succeed.
Person A: Is that a Lumberjack Minnie Mouse over there?
Person B: No it's just Quiniva.
by sanabby January 26, 2009
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