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1. Quff Quff is a wild, exhillerating feeling as you run through the woods. Its glorious and no one can stop you from grazing the wild flowers as you dance with the wildabeast.

2. Quff Quff is in the Unicorn Opal Internatilnal Language Socieaty. (UOILS) This is the languge when your heart is bursting with ripe tomatoes with a flickering sight of fractured bananas, and no one can stop you - but you need an intelligent cockroad to fill your dremtful heart. Quff Quff is the definition, DARN IT. When no body even knows what your saying. Look up UNICORN OPAL INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE SOCIETY for more words.
1. You tell your gleaming friend, "Yo dude Fool I just quff quff'ed with a goat, and I think that the legos have fallen in the ways of a spanish Pillsbury Dough boy.

2. (The International Chess Player has just lost a game because his opponent check-mated him) YOU WALKING GARAGE! I JUST...... QUFF QUFF YOUR HEAD YOU MANGLING RHINO!!
by Katheea April 19, 2006
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