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(pronounced kwuh-tard)

1. Someone, usually male, who is too stupid to realize he is gay.

2. A homosexual who does not have the balls to admit that he is a homosexual. Sometimes caused by fear to take it in the ass or be labeled a queer.

3. Someone who is both queer and retarded.

quasi-gay Quatard
Dude, Chris is always checking out guys from the corner of his eye- but his myspace profile says he's straight!

yeah, he's a total quetard.

gay boi 1: There goes Dale with another new girlfriend, wonder how long she'll last? Do you think he'll ever finally admit to himself that he's gay?

gay boi 2: I know! Everyone knows he's homo except himself. He's just completely quetarded.
by Quatchi-homo August 04, 2008
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