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Powerful blue mage and talented artist who likes to spend time on NPF. Ordinarily she's one of the nicest people, but cross her and find yourself on the wrong end of a finely tuned wit. Although it is a lot of fun for those of us watching!

QueenQeeko is a major fan of Red Mage, and is very fond of the colour red. In fact, she is the creator of the spell "Redaga," which causes all things in the vicinity to become red.

Very fond of drawing funny cartoons, and one of the founders of the Slightly Out of Order webcomic forum.
"I like red"

"I like Red Mage!"


"When I want your opinion I'll beat it out of you"

"There is no such thing as sanity, and that's the sanest fact."

by Thaumaturge October 28, 2004
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