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The queen of all chips, especially Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar variety.

The Queen of Chips prefers chips over any other type of food and has been known to eat an entire bag in less than 60 seconds. Her chip-munching speed is admirable, and the grace with which she mucks them is a sight to behold.

She would give up all of her worldly possessions if forced to choose between them and a life with no more chips (especially Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar variety).

Her Chip-Vision can X-ray bags of chips on the store shelf and spot inconsistencies between them including but not limited to the 7 deadly chip-making sins: underfilling of the bag, staleness, too much crunch, too little crunch, broken chips (gasp!), too few wish chips (double gasp!), and uneven distribution of chip seasoning.
"I am the Queen of the Chips. Do not question my crunchy, fried-to-perfection authority!" - The Queen of Chips herself, Sam Stuart.
by ChipsAnonymous July 05, 2013
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