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Well Queen Vanilla ruled in her fantasy kindgom over 20 years.She was the most loved queen the world have ever had!And how couldnt she be?She was the most beautiful girl you had ever seen. Every feature that she possesed were engraved in your mind from the second you laid eyes on her. Vanilla was not limited to just physical features, her personality was equally as beautiful.
You wondered how it is that a person this extraordinary could ever exist, but found yourself just appreciating the fact that she existed, and even better yet, that she ruled you as a queen.
That's Queen Vanilla,best girl ever.And now,she is for real,ruling not her fantasy kindgom,but a boy's heart.And that boy knows,that no matter where he searches,he will never find another girl like her
Stranger: hey man,who is dis smoking hawt girl on the screen?
Billy: That's Queen Vanilla,the love of my life
Stranger: Whatever romantic douchebag,you should rly bang her,she's so sexyyyy,dayumn!
by Billicious xD September 25, 2010
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