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The annoying sound made by some Québécoise when they attempt to speak their mother tongue. Often reminiscent of the sound made by a duck in distress. Likely to be heard when younger French-Canadian women open their mouth to berate their boyfriends, demand welfare, complain about their menstrual cycle, profess they are natural and don't need makeup (when they do), or simply say anything in their uncomprehensible jargon which is 95% church-related obscenities.
FR: québécoin
Overheard: Colline Julie (quack) tsé là là (quack), mon chum là (quack), ch'u plus capable là (quack) y'é trop cool là (quack) il fait toujours ce que je lui demande là (quack) y'é cool en tabarnak là (quack) quack quack quack quack quack

Bystander: Holy shit, a flock of wild ducks! Oh nevermind, it's just some damn Quebequack bitch. Fuckin québéwhack.
by Skietmydeur March 09, 2013
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