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Definiton 1

a very unpopular mexican slang used in the 80s.

It was used to describe the phrases, "no way" or "say what"

Definiton 2

Use during gay sex when one partner would cum and the other partner would say "Que pipiris!!" in amazement of the ejacaulation of the partner.
example 1

person 1: wow! look at that purple chevy nova.

person 2: QUE PIPIRIS!!!.

person 1: Thats the lames thing you have said.

Example 2

(taking place during gay sexual intercouse)

partner 1: you like it when i do this.

partner 2: yeah! keep going.

partner 1: oh! im about to cum.

partner 2: ay!, Que Pipiris!
by homerun slugger 02 October 18, 2010