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noun - Quality over Quantity - Usefulness over Number of - 1. the ideal or idealism that the number of posts you have are more important than the content.(in an online forum.) 2. the ideal that hundreds of weaker units will defeat a smaller number of better units. like in Starcraft(a), Warcraft, Command and Conquer(b), Warhammer 40,000(c), and several other great real time strategies
1."Dude spam posting this one word crap in every topic, this isn't an MMOBB!"
"OMG!!!1 I want to have the h1ghest post count! Quantity/Quality!!"

2.a."Muwahahahaha Zerg Rush!"
"OH MY BUJEEPERS! Please don't overwelm me with the large umber of units you have!"

2.b."OMG!!!1 You think your 1,000 conscript infintry battalion can defeat my grizzly tanks? pffft!"
"You fool! Quantity/Quality1 Hoarding!"

2.c."My 3 squads of Space Marines will easily be able to defeat your 2 Chaos walker...things...that are really big."
by Can Not May 10, 2005
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