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a transcendent entity that cannot be subject to space and time. However, this does not mean that one cannot know the Quadrangod. He/She/It/They/Them is/are full of glittorious majesty as well as physical fitness. You can call upon the Quadrangod by assuming one of the four (4) positions. Here are the positions:

1. Bending over and staying down which is similar to the act done on an airplane but, different because it is directed to the Quadrangod.
2. The Shiva
3. The pretzel not to be confused with the one George W. Bush almost choked on.
4. The Dicle, not to be confused with the Unforgivable which is a position of the anti-Quandrangod, also known as Boompahgod.

One of the more orthodox of following the Quadrangod is called the way of the Rawr.
Sally: Rawr!

Bobby: Are you doing the Dicle towards Quadrangod?

Sally: Of course.
by Laora Nutz October 20, 2008
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