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qoomfak: combo quote(written or spoken) of a comment,criticism,sort of a opinion(because its told in ur own way),rant,point of view...,based on facts or research facts ....
its when u try to explain something or tell something about a issues but u address it as a factual statement (like a factual opinion; rant,comment all in one).

question: please give ur comments about what is going on with why is the Torreya taxifolia plant is so endangered?

answer: I think (makes it sort of a opinion) that Torreya taxifolia plant is endangered because of humanities cause to build so much and habitat destruction (true because man is destroying and cutting rain forests down).

however thats not to say that man is totally to blame but shud take responsibility for the destruction of the plant for benefit gain(can be a sort of factual comment or criticism )....

I addressed the question with a qoomfak instead of just a comment .
by shhu August 26, 2009
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