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An epic German electro-medieval band founded in 1991. Currently consists of Sigrid Hausen (Syrah), Michael Popp, Philipp Groth (Fil), and Sarah Newman (Mariko). Their songs are in different languages such as Latin, German, French, and some English along with others. They have six albums out at the moment: Qntal I, Qntal II, Qntal III: Tristan und Isolde, Qntal IV: Ozymandias, Qntal V: Silver Swan, and Qntal VI: Translucida (in my opinion Silver Swan is the best one).

If you have never heard of them or listened to their music, you're missing out big time!!!
Ecce gratum et optatum

ver reducit gaudia:

purpuratum floret pratum,

sol serenat omnia.

iam iam cedant tristia!

estas redit nunc recedit,

hiemis sevitia.

-lyrics to Ecce Gratum by Qntal
by brisingr_du_adurna August 22, 2013
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