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The Quarterly Vegas Visit is one of the largest pilgrimages in the world, the fifth pillar of Brohood, and a religious duty that must be carried out four times a year by every able bodied bro.

Pilgrims join processions of thousands of bros, who simultaneously converge on Vegas for the QVV, and perform a series of rituals. These rituals include, but are not limited to, listening to such prophets as Avicii in the house of Marquee, copulating with sloots, and imbibing one's livers with ambrosia e.g. Svedka.

The pilgrimage occurs: (1) New Years weekend; (2) the Vernal Equinox; (3) June 1st (or mid May depending on when your semester ends); (4) and Labor Day weekend.
Not a bro: can i bring my gf to the QVV?

Bro: Now way. I'm not paying for a room with a kitchen.
by BroBeanz February 09, 2012
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