being skillful at Overwatch, particularly as ana, reaper, or D.Va. Simply press this little shit and sit back until your mech explodes, your nano boost wears off, or you umm.. stop death blossoming? idk. basically your alternative to communication.
Mercy: I healed you guys and kept me alive
Sombra: I picked off that annoying widow and hacked the central health kit
Reaper: I got POTG and carried you stupid fucking faggots, so you can all go fucking kill yourselfs you useless fucking piles of garbage. I am really good at pressing the Q button unlike you fucking cunts waiting for a good time to use it, you all need to suck big hairy cock you fucking losers
Sombra and mercy: *join group chat*
the q key is the very definition of skill.
by Snow Mexican June 23, 2017
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Usally used in anger, the "q button" is pressed, meaning to destroy the thing your mad at
Grrrr, this file is taking forever to download, i wanna press the Q button on this thing
by Mr. Hilarious October 12, 2008
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