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Definition: pyuppie (‘puppy’) n.: an acronym for a ‘post-yuppie’, a pyuppie is a young, educated, disenchanted urban professional who, in lieu of taking a reactionary stance against materialism and pop-culture to cope with feelings of disillusion with the ‘white-collar sweatshop’, adopts a playful acceptance of traditional yuppie values to blend cultural lines through postmodern channels (such as parody and pastiche). Whereas yuppies define themselves through the very social order and materialism they appropriate, pyuppies define themselves more so through their own particular surface arrangement of the symbols provided by yuppie-esque materialism and culture without taking deeper meaning from them. However, unlike various reactionary juxtapositions to yuppie mores (e.g. punk, hipster, green movement, i.e. Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel ‘Fight Club’), pyuppies welcome and convert yuppie symbolism, creating a transgressive existence that is neither overtly high nor low society.
Pyuppie, Neo-Modernist, Modern English Dandy, New Briton, a Bret Easton Ellis follower who lives in a post-industrial neighborhood, reformed rock-star, fashionable Flaneurs, white-collar hipster, neo-hipster, post-modernism, neo-materialism.
by Trystan Spencer June 21, 2009
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