Pyrocinical is the Atlas. He holds the world on his shoulders. In 1762 he defeated Hitler by calling his mom gay. Keep your kids away from them or else he will bully them until they game end themselves. He is big spicy meme. The only thing to ever beat him is demonetization. The only thing he wants in life is to marry Thanos Car.
Person: Pyrocinical is a lesbian
by Big Stale Meme November 9, 2018
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A 19 year old, who also happens to be a cute furry lesbain with a nice ass.
Person: Have you heard of Pyrocinical?
Me: That cute lesbain?
Person: Yeah....
by Getthatpuss447 October 16, 2018
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A beautiful middle-aged man from the uk, who loves dressing as foxy the pirate and roasting his subscribers. He was originally created to destroy leafy, but after a glitch happened he ended up cloning everything he did, and now suffers from severe depression, resorting to making fun of little kids to fuel himself.
"I heard pyrocinical made fun of another kid today" "He did, he's just a Leafy clone"

"Man, pyrocinical is my least favorite youtuber, his content is horrible" "No dude, Pyro's cancerous content makes life worth living!"
by Lord_Ikari May 17, 2016
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