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Pwoient .. happy dance, to dance when no-one is looking, a sometimes rhythmic,
very emotional, energetic release of joy, done in privacy after a great personal achievement.

Origin = a combination of the words and meanings, and the logical extension of each.
Pointe - Ballet term used to describe the dancing on the tips of the toes.
Poignant - deeply moving to the feeling, keenly felt.
Point - a particular place or spot, an exact moment.
Buoyant - cheerful and optimistic. for additional info
Usage : Everyone wants to reach the pwoient in their life.
Through love of life and good deeds the pwoient can be reached by all.
Last night I was so happy I pwoiented all over the floor in my apartment.
I was pwoienting in my office when my work associate walked in to congratulate me on my promotion.
When I looked into the eyes of my child for the first time the pwoient was obvious.

It sounds like 'buoyant' when your speaking it clearly. only with a 'P W' of course.
Pw-oi-ent. Pwoient, its nice I like it.

A fun thing about Pwoient, when you say it right, it looks like a kiss :)
by ANuVoyce July 10, 2013
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