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1. The code name given to a top-secret Soviet biochemical project. The project was intended to create a truth serum to uncover enemy plans but something went very wrong in its making and the resulting compound instead, when ingested, causes victims to jump into bushes naked.

2.. A swift slap across the face. May be disguised as a 'game', when in fact everyone and their bus driver knows that a putnik is just a slap across the face. This slap should have no mal intentions, or have any anger associated with it, it is simply perpetrated for the enjoyment of the slapper. The slapped may seek recourse by employing their own putnik.

verb. to putnick
1. To name your dog after a 1980s musician.
My friend Monica was accidentally exposed some Putnik and now its all she can do to keep herself from jumping into bushes.

Dude, what's with the full body cast?

I played putnik and couldn't stop.

Man, Ralph totally putniked his dog's name.

What did he name him?
Billy Ocean
That's not bad, my friend putniked and named his dog Kool & The Gang
by revisioo March 02, 2015
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