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A mythical creature also known as "Camigloo".

Living within mortals... Putang Gilimore is unleashed when a human consumes copious amounts of alcohol.

Drawing to midnight a double shot drink can also bring out the beast...

However, be weary, no one knows the full extent of Putang's power... It can transform its face into demonic images, causing mass hysteria and instant fatality to photos...
guy1: "What's Wesley doing with his face!?"
guy2: "That's not Wes... that's Putang Gilimore!!!"
guy1: "wtf, was it necessary to buy Wes a double shot!?"
guy2: "yes"
guy1: "fml"
guy2: "take a photo of Putang! Quick!"

*camera click*

*awkward silence*
guy1: "the pic is messed up..."
guy2: "...fark."
guy1: "may God have mercy on us all..."
guy2: "..."
by MuMan February 09, 2010
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